Ren3w completes repairs to damaged items or areas of hard surfaces. These materials were originally manufactured in specific and controlled environments to create the perfect finish. High levels of heat or pressure may have been used in their production. Since we cannot recreate these conditions on site, there may be limitations for us to fully restore the damaged item to its previous state. Airborne dust from many different sources will fall on any flat surface and small pinholes may appear in porous or worn surfaces. Aerosols used in the same area of the work during the repair process will affect the finishes, as will silicone. We therefore will need the area to be controlled for our technicians only, to be able to provide the best service possible.

Existing defects caused during the manufacturing process or simply due to age will adversely affect the finish. These flaws may incur extra work and costs not originally quoted for prior to inspection.

Ren3w's service is designed to give you a quality finish as close to it previous state that will also last, as well as save you both time and money. Repairing or resurfacing is an alternative to replacement. The item or area will look as good as new however it is still a repair.

Ren3w repairs carry a 12 month warranty unless you are advised differently at the time of quotation or when our technicians are on site.

Our warranty covers flaking, peeling and general failure of adhesion to the surface, subject to the following exceptions:

  1. Abrasive cleaners have been used on the surface.

  2. New physical damage such as chips and scratches or mistreatment of repairs.

  3. Staining caused by chemicals or dyes.

  4. Heat exceeding 350 degrees or direct flame.

  5. Problems caused from excess moisture or standing water, structural conditions or movement of the fixtures. 

Our technicians will carry out repairs to the lighting provided in the room/area, use of torches or additional lighting on inspection of the repair may affect the look of the repair.